Pokemon Emerald Rogue

Pokemon Emerald Rogue

Pokemon Emerald Rogue is a GBA Rom Hack Based on Pokemon Emerald in english. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on January 5, 2022.

How does it work?

When you set out on your adventure, all routes, encounters, and items are procedurally chosen based on your progress in the race.
After a certain number of routes, you will encounter a random gym leader who will have a team of his type chosen procedurally. As you progress through the race, gym leaders and other trainers will start using more difficult setups for their pokemon.
If you manage to reach the champion and defeat him, you will have completed the race!

Once you finish or abandon the race, you return to a central area where you can purchase permanent items and catch new “starter” Pokemon that you will use in the next race.
As you progress through the run, you unlock more buildings/CPNPs in this central area, which you can use to prepare for the next run.

Also, be sure to try out Pokemon Emerald.

How long does a run take?

This may vary depending on how thorough you are, but based on my testing, a full run typically takes between 3-4 hours of Pokemon Emerald Rogue gameplay.
There is a quick save option (REST in the menu) which allows you to stop the game mid-game and return to it, but be careful, this does not allow you to skim saves.


  • Randomly chosen routes
  • Procedural items, trainers & wild encounters
  • Hub area with unlockable buildings/NPCs
  • Character customisation
  • Multiple game config settings e.g. prevent over levelling, trainer difficulty, double battle mode
  • Seeded mode, with individual config settings (useful for multiplayer races)
  • Quest & reward system to guide you and see how you handle different challenges
  • Rare legendary encounters
  • Mart and Move tutor contents change as you progress
  • Safari zone allows you to capture mons you have previously used on runs and use them as the “starter” mon
  • Post-game settings (Can be accessed early if you can find the secret room 👀)

Subtle Changes from base game

  • Pickup/interaction text is instance i.e. you can just spam A rather than wait out the fanfare
  • Trade evolutions now just require the mon to be levelled up whilst holding the item (Link cable is used for standard trade evos)
  • Friendship/Beauty evos are now just flat level 20 evos
  • Battle engine has been sped up (Speed varys based on the importance of the encounter)
  • Shiny rate has been drastically increased (Now is ~1/100)

v1.3.2 Balance Patch

Includes some minor tweaks, some community-suggested features, and some hotfixes.

Check the useful stuff section for the full changelog.

Expanded (EX) (This is the recommended version)
This version includes modern improvements such as new combat items, abilities, fairy types, physical/special layout, etc. (It is based on the Emerald expansion from RH-Hideout)

Just the standard Pokemon Emerald combat mechanics with no changes other than those mentioned in the subtle changes from the base game

Useful Stuff




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