Pokemon Unbound Battle Frontier

Pokemon Unbound Battle Frontier

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Unbound Battle Frontier GBA ROM

VersionDemo 2.0.1
Based onPokemon FireRed
UpdatedAugust 21, 2022

Pokemon Unbound Battle Frontier is a GBA ROM Hack by Skeli based on Pokemon Fire Red. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on August 21, 2022.


This is a demo version that allows you to play exclusively in the Battle Frontier of the Borrius region. It includes five combat setups for you to enjoy, as well as raids and a Safari Zone demo. Also Check Pokemon Unbound Pokemon Locations.

Demo 2.0 features

  • Gen 8 Pokemon will be available from the start
  • The Antisis Ring challenge can be achieved by going to the south of the Frontier and speaking to the clerk
  • The Costume Chest and God Status Icon Scanner are provided at the start of the game (talk to the nurse in the tower to obtain existing savegames)
  • The Bottle Cap Lady, Hidden Power Changer and EV Trainer will never appear (use stat scanner)
  • The Berry Seller, the Move Deleter and the Ball Changer are always on the go
  • Frontier Raid Drops have many more useful berries and a higher chance of getting Wish Pieces
  • Most Pokemon can be purchased by name from the lowest Battle Tower vendor (add the suffix -A, -G, or -H for regional forms).

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