Pokemon Unbound Review

Pokemon Unbound Review

Hey there, fellow Pokemon enthusiasts! Today, let’s dive into the wild world of Pokemon Unbound, a seriously ambitious ROM hack that’s turning the Pokemon experience on its head. Picture this: a revamped battle engine, all the Pokemon from Gen 1 to Gen 7, and a bunch of cool features from different generations. Sounds like a dream, right?

A Whole New World:

A Whole New World

Imagine stepping into the mysterious region of Borrius, a place haunted by an ancient war. And guess what? You’re a part of it, with a fully customizable character, which is a neat touch. The story’s not your typical Pokemon tale – it’s dark, it’s complex, and it’s downright intriguing.

The Story:

The Story

Now, let’s talk about the plot. It’s not your usual Team Rocket shenanigans. We’re dealing with two rival teams – Shadows and Light of Ruin – giving us a taste of Pokemon with a grown-up twist. It’s got twists, turns, and moments that feel like they’re straight out of a Pokemon game designed for the OG fans.

Post-Game Adventures:

But the fun doesn’t stop with the story. Pokemon Unbound throws in a massive post-game with a mission list. Yep, you heard it right – a to-do list across the entire region. Multiple difficulty levels keep things spicy, adding a personal touch to your Pokemon journey.

Catching Pokemon:

Catching Pokemon

Let’s talk Pokemon choices. Garchomp, Beldum, and Larvitar – these aren’t your typical starters, and that’s a good thing. Seven generations of Pokemon are at your fingertips, with nearly every legendary up to Gen 8. Oh, and did I mention Mega Evolutions and Dynamaxing? Yeah, they’re in there too, and they look pretty darn cool.

Overall Opinion:

So, what’s the verdict? Pokemon Unbound isn’t just another ROM hack; it’s a game-changer. Sure, it’s built on FireRed, but it’s been tweaked and transformed into something that feels like it could be an official Pokemon game by Game Freak. It’s got heart, innovation, and a boatload of Pokemon fun.


Whether you’re itching for a break from the usual Pokemon routine or just looking for a fresh adventure, Pokemon Unbound is calling your name. It’s got the content, the features, and the vibe that makes it not just a fantastic fan-made game but a serious contender for one of the best Pokemon experiences ever. So, why wait? Dive into the world of Pokemon Unbound and let the adventure begin!

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