Pokemon Unbound cheats

Pokemon Unbound cheats

This is the complete collection of Pokemon Unbound cheats for you to use on your next playthrough!

The best Pokemon Unbound cheats

Pokemon Unbound is a fan-made game and ROM hack of Pokemon Fire Red that features many mechanics from Generation VIII.

It is set in the fanfiction region of Borrius and allows players to catch and train 800 different Pokémon from Gen I to Gen VII.

With so much variety, it’s hard to get bored, but there are also plenty of cheat codes that will make replaying the game much more enjoyable.

Here are the best Pokemon Unbound cheats:

Catch your opponent’s trainer’s Pokemon

If you’ve ever wanted to catch an opposing trainer’s Pokémon, this cheat code is for you!

This code allows you to catch an opposing trainer’s Pokémon during a battle to add it to your own team.

How to use it: After entering this code, press L+R before throwing out your Pokeball and you will immediately catch the Pokémon your opponent used.

Cheat code:

4D83B1BF E0F5F507
8E883EFF 92E9660D
B6C5368A 08BE8FF4
90B4977C C0151DC2

Mega Evolution Stones

Mega Evolution Stones

One of the great things about Pokemon Unbound is that it contains all of the Mega Evolutions from Generation VI.

With this cheat, you can quickly gain any of the Mega Evolution stones in the game without having to spend hours searching the region for them.

However, before using this code, make sure you complete the quest where you obtain Mega Evolutions from Tarmigian Mansion, or else you won’t be able to use any of the stones!

To use this exploit, enter the master code followed by the cheat code and the ID number of the stone you want to get.

Master Code:

000014D1 000A

Mega Stone Codes:

82003884 YYYY

01BE = Venusaurite
01BF = Charizardite X
01C0 = Charizardite Y
01C1 = Blastoisinite
01C2 = Beedrillite
01C3 = Pidgeotite
01C4 = Alakazite
01C5 = Slowbronite
01C6 = Gengarite
01C7 = Kangaskhite
01C8 = Pinsirite
01C9 = Gyaradosite
01CA = Aerodactylite
01CB = Mewtwonite X
01CC = Mewtwonite Y
01CD = Ampharosite
01CE = Steelixite
01CF = Scizorite
01D0 = Heracronite
01D1 = Houndoominite
01D2 = Tyranitarite
01D3 = Sceptilite
01D4 = Blazikenite
01D5 = Swampertite
01D6 = Gardevoirite
01D7 = Sablenite
01D8 = Mawilite
01D9 = Aggronite
01DA = Medichamite
01DB = Manectite
01DC = Sharpedonite
01DD = Cameruptite
01DE = Altarianite
01DF = Banettite
01E0 = Absolite
01E1 = Glalitite
01E2 = Salamencite
01E3 = Metagrossite
01E4 = Latiasite
01E5 = Latiosite
01E6 = Lopunnite
01E7 = Garchompite
01E8 = Lucarionite
01E9 = Abomasite
01EA = Galladite
01EB = Audinite
01EC = Diancite

Encounter Shiny Pokemon

While you won’t find any codes for shiny Pokemon when looking through the best Pokemon Red cheats, these extremely rare Pokemon are available in Pokemon Unbound.

However, some players can spend the entire game looking for one without having any luck!

Thankfully, this cheat code makes it so that you will automatically encounter a shiny Pokémon whenever you get into a wild battle.

Just make sure to deactivate it once you have what you need, or else you’ll continue finding nothing but shinies!

Cheat Code:

1670047D 04815C68
18452A7D DDE55BCC

Pokemon Unbound cheats Unlimited TMs/HMs

Setting your Pokémon up with the right moves is extremely important, and it can mean the difference between victory and defeat in tough battles.

However, new moves are only available through TM/HMs, which can be extremely hard to get without cheats.

Instead of grinding through quests in the region to unlock moves that you want, you can input this cheat and get an unlimited amount of the ones you need.

How to use: Enter the master code and replace YYYY with the code of the TM/HM you desire. Visit Pokemart and buy the first item in the list.

Master Code:

82003884 YYYY

TM/HM Codes:

0121 = TM01
0122 = TM02
0123 = TM03
0124 = TM04
0125 = TM05
0126 = TM06
0127 = TM07
0128 = TM08
0129 = TM09
012A = TM10
012B = TM11
012C = TM12
012D = TM13
012E = TM14
012F = TM15
0130 = TM16
0131 = TM17
0132 = TM18
0133 = TM19
0134 = TM20
0135 = TM21
0136 = TM22
0137 = TM23
0138 = TM24
0139 = TM25
013A = TM26
013B = TM27
013C = TM28
013D = TM29
013E = TM30
013F = TM31
0140 = TM32
0141 = TM33
0142 = TM34
0143 = TM35
0144 = TM36
0145 = TM37
0146 = TM38
0147 = TM39
0148 = TM40
0149 = TM41
014A = TM42
014B = TM43
014C = TM44
014D = TM45
014E = TM46
014F = TM47
0150 = TM48
0151 = TM49
0152 = TM50
0153 = HM01
0154 = HM02
0155 = HM03
0156 = HM04
0157 = HM05
0158 = HM06
0159 = HM07
015A = HM08

Unlimited Master Balls

Master balls are the best kind of Pokeball you can get, and they allow you to capture any Pokémon without weakening it first and without the risk of failure.

However, in-game, they are incredibly rare, and you only ever have access to one per playthrough.

Fortunately, this cheat can give an unlimited number of master balls that you can use to catch the 800 Pokémon in Unbound.

So the next time you come across one of the best dragon Pokemon of all time while exploring the region of Borrius, you won’t have to worry about losing it!

How to use: Enter the code, visit Poke Mart and buy the first item in the list.

Cheat Code:


Alternative Code:

82003884 0001

Unlimited Rare Candies

Rare candy has been an important feature in all of the best Pokémon games of all time, and it is incredibly useful since it allows you to give any Pokémon one level.

Unfortunately, rare candy is, as the name suggests, hard to come by, which means most players don’t end up gaining much of it.

This cheat code changes that by adding an unlimited amount of rare candies to the Poke-Mart, which you can then easily buy.

When combined with the unlimited money cheat below, you can quickly buy a ton of these candies!

How to use Pokemon Unbound cheats: Enter the code and visit Poke Mart. Buy the first item in the list.

Cheat Code:

06AB3172 BE88C550

Alternative Code:

82003884 0044

Unlimited Money

Money can be incredibly useful for buying items for your Pokémon, but it can be hard to acquire enough of it, especially early in the game.

This cheat allows you to become the wealthiest Pokémon trainer in the world by providing you with an unlimited amount of money to spend.

When coupled with the unlimited rare candy cheat, you can quickly level up your team to make them strong enough to take on the best dog Pokémon in the world in any battle.

Game Shark Code:

29C78059 96542194

Code Breaker Code:

820257BC 423F
820257BE 000F

Max Pokémon Stats

The best fish Pokémon in the world can become ludicrously powerful with maxed-out stats, enough so to even take on the most powerful Pokémon in the game.

However, maxing out stats is impossible to do without cheats, which is where this code comes in.

To use this cheat, you will have to use the code that correlates to the position of the Pokémon you want to impact in your party.

Once activated, the Pokémon you’ve chosen should have completely maxed out all of their stats!

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1st Pokemon:


2nd Pokemon:


3rd Pokemon:


4th Pokemon:


5th Pokemon:


6th Pokemon:


Unlock All Badges

Gym badges have been a staple in each game on the complete Pokemon games list since Generation I, and they are something you need in order to complete the game.

However, with this cheat, you can quickly unlock all eight gym badges just by inputting and activating the code.

This can come in handy if you’re struggling with a particular gym or have encountered a glitch that is preventing you from gaining all eight.

Warning: This cheat may cause issues wherein you can no longer battle gym leaders, and might not be able to progress the game.

Cheat Code:

EFCE867D 5403D40D

One Hit Kills

If you want to be able to completely sweep enemy teams and decimate your opponents with a completely overpowered display of strength, this cheat is for you.

This is a cheat you might not want to use on your first playthrough, but it is perfect if you just want to experience the story in a relaxing way without any real effort.

Once active, your Pokémon will be able to instantly knock out any rivals with just one move, and the chance of missing will also be eliminated.

Cheat Code:

C833D1A0 02FA7205


Pokemon Unbound Download is one of the best fan-made Pokemon games, and it’s easy to spend hours playing it and building your team.

But while the game itself is incredibly fun, these cheats can make replaying even more enjoyable as they can save you a lot of tedious grinding.

While there are many cheats you can use in Pokémon Unbound, these ten are the ones we recommend the most!

What do you think of the best Pokemon Unbound cheats? Leave a comment below.

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